According to modern research, assessment centers are the most reliable method of candidate evaluation. To provide our clients with a unique insight into the relationship between the current level of competencies and potential of candidates, we decided to use the widely recognized SHL methodology.

SHL is the award-winning global provider and leader in the field of assessments.

Along with predictive and reliable assessment of current performance, assessment center also provides insight into the candidate potential – resulting in a holistic picture of a candidate.

The key features of SHL assessment centers:

  • Comprehensive methodology that includes a combination of different assessment tools, in order to maximize the objectivity and predictability of the success in a position.
  • Based on the Universal Competency Framework (UCF), the theoretical framework that gives unique advantage of comparison and interpretation of the results.
  • Unique insight into the current level of the evaluated competencies of person and knowledge about their potential and possibilities for improvement.
  • Fully focused on the specific needs of each client, position, organizational culture and business objectives.

 Types of behavioral exercises in our offer:

  • Group exercises
  • Role plays (negotiation or coaching)
  • Analysis exercises
  • Fact-finding exercises
  • Negotiation exercises
  • Planning and prioritization exercises

SHL certified consultants are devoted to understanding your needs and consulting you when choosing the right combination. That way we enable you to make decisions with confidence.