Keep your selection process up to date with the latest trends!

Game-based assessment is a modern form of traditional psychological testing of capabilities.

Key advantages of game-based assessment:

  • Psychometric characteristics of the traditional assessment remain unchanged, but game elements give the assessment the look and feel of the game
  • Testing through the game is attractive for candidates, reduce anxiety during testing and enhance the employer brand
  • Testing is time-efficient for candidates and enables significant savings by cutting the time needed for recruitment and selection

Technologically most advanced form of assessment is recommended for:

  • Graduate recruitment programs
  • Selection for completely new position in the organization
  • Selection for positions that require high mental capacity – learning, attention and fast problem-solving
  • Recruitment of candidates with high potential for emotionally intelligent behavior – customer service, sales, teamwork
  • Mass recruitment that require fast and efficient candidate screening

Improve selection process by using advanced assessment tools that contribute to your employer brand and data-based decision making.