Strategic approach to reaching talents.

Talent Availability Study is one of the key segments for setting up an effective hiring plan and running a successful business for every company. The specificity of our methodology is reflected in the collection of relevant and reliable information from different sources of interest – official data of relevant institutions at the national and regional level, as well as from qualified experts for the positions of interest. The final product of the study is a tailor-made report related to any industry, sector or position of interest.

This service is recommended when:

  • Making investment decisions in a specific area of ​​interest
  • Creating an acquisition plan for top talents
  • Tending to optimize costs and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment and hiring process

You receive:

  • Accurate insight into talent availability trends in the local and global markets
  • Analytical and systematic review of industries and locations of interest
  • Systematic presentation of the concentration of employed and unemployed population of interest and labor contingent at national, regional and/or local level
  • Demographic and educational structure of employed and unemployed talents in locations of interest
  • Information on current projects and companies from the industries of interest which gather talents at a specific location