Systematic basis for effective organizational development.

Do you want to identify key organizational aspects that need improvement? Are you looking forward to contribute to increasing employee commitment and productivity through greater identification with organizational goals? Do you want to contribute to a more efficient realization of your company’s vision and goals?

Scan of Organizational Culture represents a process of identifying company values and standards using specific tools and instruments. This assessment is the basis for the development of an effective strategy for improving the current organizational culture and business.

 You receive: 

  • Possibility of identifying all relevant aspects of organizational culture based on the Hofstede model
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of all assessed aspects of organizational culture, job satisfaction and employee commitment
  • GAP analysis – comparison of the current situation in the organization and recommendations derived from the world-renowned Hofstede model in relation to all considered aspects of organizational culture
  • Company profile according to relevant factors of organizational culture such as Organizational Effectiveness, Client Orientation, Management Philosophy and other relevant parameters
  • Consulting services related to the creation of a specific development plan oriented towards the improvement of all relevant aspects of cultural organization