Systematic insights into all relevant aspects of organizational culture, obtained directly from employees and competent representatives of the company

The study creates the company profile that includes an assessment of all relevant aspects of organizational culture and provides suggestions for improvement and development of the organizational performance and the overall business of the company.

The benefits of the study are as follows:

• Providing a systematic and integrative overview of the company profile based on 6 dimensions of organizational culture per recognized Hofstede model ​
• Gaining insights on motivation, satisfaction and commitment of employees with various organizational aspects (Compensations and Benefits, work tasks, autonomy, the opportunities for professional development, NET Promoter Score, etc)
• Assessing the ​leadership styles and suggesting key steps in action plan focused on making organizational changes

The study results affect:

• Improvement of employee motivation and productivity
• Continuous organizational development
• Improvement of organizational performance
• Strategic business improvement