Keep in touch with the latest information on financial conditions in the labor market.

Are you looking forward to finding out the trends regarding financial offers for employees in your industry? Do you want to create a financial offering attractive to top talents? Are you planning to position yourself as an employer offering competitive working conditions on the market?

Salary Benchmark presents a detailed survey of salaries, compensation and benefits within any industry or position of interest. All obtained data are based on reliable information, collected through direct contact with relevant representatives of institutions of interest and systematically stored information from the unique database. The final product is a tailor-made report based on advanced quantitative and qualitative analysis and interpretation of the information collected.

You receive:

  • Insights into salaries, compensation and benefits of employees in specific industries, sectors and/or positions
  • Precise statistical parameters related to the amounts of salaries and other compensations (Minimum, Maximum, Average salary and bonus amounts presented as Net and Total cost per employee)
  • Ability to compare your company’s total compensation offerings with those of competitors through precise statistics (defining percentile ranks of your company and competitors)
  • Information on the distribution of different types of compensation and benefits in competing companies
  • Suggestions for creating an action plan for optimizing the financial offer aimed at positioning the client company as an attractive employer in the market