Are you in the process of making a strategic decision to invest in opening new representative offices or are you relocating your company to Serbia or other Balkan countries? Are your employees are going through the relocation process due to position requirements?

Housing study provides you a thorough insight into the accommodation capacities at a specific location of interest to your organization.

A systematic and efficient review allows you to connect the available accommodations with the needs of your employees, regardless of their position level. Contribute to Employer Branding and assist your employees in the relocation process through effective and systematic planning and taking care of their needs.

 You receive:

  • Accommodation capacity for locations of interest tailored to your specific requirements
  • Market prices for renting and buying the most suitable real estates
  • Recommendations regarding accommodation capacities adapted to the needs of employees at different levels of positions (Manager, Expert, Blue Collar)
  • Database of potential landlords (property owners ready to cooperate in the form of renting or selling real estates to employees of your company)
  • Reliable and valid recommendations regarding the action plan for the accommodation of employees at the location of interest (making decisions on opening an employee camp or effective deployment of employees to existing accommodation facilities)