Employer of Personal Choice

Long-term strategy with a long-term effect

Employer Branding is a complex process of promoting a company and its organizational culture that aims to make a particular employer an “Employer of Personal Choice.” Consequently, the company significantly increases the employee retention rate and reduces the fluctuation rate. Besides, costs are reduced and the recruitment and selection process optimized by effectively attracting high-quality candidates.

The specificity of our methodology is simultaneous research focused on the employees’ perception of the brand, as well as the perception of the brand on the market. A detailed report, completely compliant with the clients’ needs gives an insight into the aspects of the business with the potential for improvement. Our strategy is not pre-created, tied to the generally known guidelines, but based on empirical data. Our goal is to make your employees “Brand Ambassadors” and your company recognized as competitive in the market.

You receive:

  • Comparative analysis of the brand perception on the internal and external level
  • The perception of the company as a desirable employer by potential employees using Net Promoter Score
  • An action plan – focused on upgrading, increasing employee satisfaction and visibility on the market, as well as attracting talents
  • Evaluation of the long-term effects of Employer Branding