As a response to the considerable demand for a personalized approach to development, especially in terms of dynamics and subject matter, we have created customized programs for professional and personal growth, tailored to meet the individual requirements of each individual partner.

The program usually consists of 3 stages: Evaluation of potential and competences, Training phase and Coaching support.

Based on psychological assessment of personal competences and potential and in collaboration with a client, the relevant areas are being defined, after which the learning phase takes place. After that and further down the road to the desired change, the person receives additional assistance by undergoing a coaching process, its main focus being increasing motivation for learning, diminishing resistance to change, overcoming procrastination, as well as reinforcing of changes made in the right direction.

Duration for the program is 1-3 months, with the main focus on training sessions and coaching as fitting continuation and support for practical application of acquired knowledge.

The programs are delivered by the most suitable professionals both from the Assert internal team or the Assert Hub of external professionals (coaches, trainers, mentors, profilers, NLP practitioners, etc.).