Development has a new look and shape now!

With gamification and game-based content, we have made our development programs more attractive and fun, while retaining quality and applicability of content in everyday work.

Serious play – a key driver of change and development

Game-based trainings – Gamelearn

We have partnered with Gamelearn, #1 game-based platform for corporate training. In addition to a wide range of games for the development of various skills, we also have the possibility of creating completely new, 100% customized serious games, for specific company processes and needs.

Off-the-shelf training games – Serious games that develop traditional business skills in fun and engaging way! By combining quality educational content with simulations of real situations and elements of gamification, Gamelearn serious online games develop skills such as leadership, time management, negotiation, customer support and many more, within 1 to 10 hours of active play.

Process gamification – creating serious games for digitalization of company processes such as internal communication and onboarding, which facilitates the unification of processes and the work of teams and individuals in different locations.

Taylor-made games – 100% tailored to your needs. Following the Gamelearn methodology, we create completely new games that answer to your specific development needs by developing targeted skills through custom simulations of relevant situations.

What is game-based learning best used for?

  • Development of specific skills
  • Digitalization of learning and information sharing processes
  • Improvement of the engagement and motivation of participants during the development program

Game-based workshops – Lego® Serious Play®

Using the Lego® Serious Play® (LSP) methodology, our certified facilitators will offer you the tools and opportunity to explore attitudes in a safe environment, gain new insights, meet associates, and define principles that will guide future team decisions and dynamics. Starting from the assumption that the answer to complex challenges lies in the collective knowledge within the group, the LSP methodology provides an excellent basis for planning and acting in current and future challenging situations.

What is Lego® Serious Play® best used for?

  • Getting to know each other and developing mutual connection
  • Better understanding of business processes
  • Seeing the bigger picture and understanding different perspectives
  • Facilitating and improving the communication process in order to solve complex problems