Our development programs represent a carefully selected combination of different ways of learning according to the specific needs of the client, all with the aim of providing the strongest possible results.

Combined development programs ocurr in several phases:

• Intervention training

• 1-1 Mentoring Support

• Implementation Workshops

Intervention training can be realized in-house, online, through a gaming platform or a combination of all of the above. After group training, each participant has access to individual mentoring support for additional understanding of the topic, elimination of dilemmas and/or empowerment for the implementation of newly acquired knowledge and insights. Final support for the application is realized through an implementation workshop. Based on experience-based learning and group dynamics, the focus is additionally on the need to apply what has been learned in everyday situations and to evaluate the effects that this can have on the desired results.

Some of our combined solutions are presented below:

First time leader is a program designed to ensure a successful transition from an operational to a leadership position to a group of leaders in challenge. In addition, as support in this development phase, the program enables the introduction, exchange of experiences and equalization of levels of knowledge and skills of a particular management group. The program can be realized live, online, as well as through gaming platform.

Assertiveness – our way is a program that encourages a systematic approach to this very important topic for individuals and the company. By combining group training with individually gamified practice, employees gain insight into the importance of an assertive approach, redefine their own boundaries, practice applying models and levels of assertiveness through simulations of realistic situations.

Feedforward = feedback + action. Constructive communication and exchange of information aims to change behavior in the desired direction in the immediate future. The focus on understanding followed by the action plan and steps is the central idea of this program. It is available live, online as well as through a gamified training solutions.

For a complete portfolio of blended learning development programs, duration and dynamics of implementation, we are available…