Taking into account the human nature, and also the peculiarities of change and learning, each of our development programs includes tools and techniques that increase the chance of applying what has been learned.


Our learning and training programs are accompanied by mentoring, coaching, and implementation workshops. In this way, our role as a development partner follows the process of learning, facilitates development steps, and puts the individual in the center of attention, as well as in the center of responsibility for success.

We provide identification of development needs at company, team, and individual levels, using psychological assessment tools like Harrison assessment, Great People Inside, and others. Once we determine the specific needs, together we create a development program tailored to the desired results and requirements of the client. Our solutions rely 70% on proven content, methodologies, and good practices, while the remaining 30% are industry- and company-specific situations, exercises, and tasks, relevant to its culture and employees. The combination of experiential learning and proven fundamentals leads to the creation of solutions through partnership, so that the final product is unique and specifically meets the needs of the client.

Through our development programs, together with clients, we strive to answer the questions of

WHAT – through training, experiential learning, acquisition of knowledge and

HOW – through mentoring and coaching, development of self-awareness and skills,

and finally, complete the process with the desired change in behavior.

For successful people development programs we work with both our internal team of professionals, and an external hub of the most proven coaches, mentors, trainers, profilers, and other established specialists we believe will deliver the best quality, efficiency, and experience within a program.


Our services portfolio includes:

Group Learning & Development Programs – Blended Solutions
Our group development programs represent a carefully selected combination of different approaches to learning in accordance with the specific needs of the client, all with the aim of providing the best efficiency within a given amount of time.

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Individual Learning & Development Programs
We create programs that most effectively support the professional development of each individual.
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First Time Manager – Unlock Leadership Excellence

Elevate your First Time Managers so they can contribute to your company’s triumph to the fullest through our tailored training program.

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Outplacement & Career Transition Support
Purpose of career transition support is to identify and open opportunities for the next career step, outside the company as well as within it.

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Individual or group coaching

This type of development intervention has exceptional benefit and value for people who want to achieve better personal and professional performance. It is delivered only by ICF-accredited coaches.


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Talent Labs: Career orientation for kids

Career counseling for kids and teenagers aged 6 to 18 years, known as Talents Labs, represents one of the most innovative projects initiated by Assert International.

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Professional mediation

Professional mediation is a way of finding a solution and reaching a mutually acceptable agreement.

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Keynote speeches and team motivational experience

We offer you the opportunity to provide your team, company or community with a motivational speaker.

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