“You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than you can from a lifetime of conversation” – Plato


Are only the loudest and the most dominant ones always and exclusively heard on your meetings?

Do you believe that YOUR success relates to the ability to hear, understand, and appreciate the opinion of those others?

If the answer on either of these questions is YES, please continue reading and you will find out how you can accomplish engagement of them all (absolutely everyone), and assure that opinions, standpoints and ideas of the “Lonely Guy” – of every colleague whose voice is rarely heard- the one whose idea may be the one that will change perspective and improve the business.


The answer to your challenges with communication and team problem solving is hear and its name is LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP)!  When it’s needed to make a joint decision, to which everyone will be committed – LSP is here! When it’s needed to increase mutual understanding in the team – LSP is here! When it is needed for everyone to express their opinion and sincere feelings in a safe and secure environment – LSP is here! When you feel that your meetings are a waste of time – LSP is here! And every time the meetings focus more on the person sending the message than on the message itself – LSP is there! And when you need LEGO® Serious Play® – Assert and its certified LSP facilitators are here for you!

You are wondering, what exactly is LEGO® Serious Play®?

It is an innovative methodology for thinking process stimulation, communication development, and problem-solving process improvement, in order to achieve better professional performance. Through a process of experiential learning and mutual cognition LEGO® Serious Play®, supports effective dialogue among everyone in the organization, resulting in stronger connection, better understanding, and coordination among team members.

In its essence, LEGO® Serious Play® is a process in which participants answer a series of questions and explore a topic of interest through the construction of 3D model from LEGO® bricks. These models represent a metaphorical answer to the question posed and continue to serve as a basis for group discussion, knowledge exchange, problem solving and decision making.

The LEGO® Serious Play® methodology is based on extensive research in the fields of business, organizational development, psychology and learning, and finds its theoretical basis in the concept of “hand knowledge”, as well as in theories of constructionism, play and imagination, and in Flow theory.

Did you know that our hands are connected to almost 80% of the nerve cells of the motor cortex of the cerebrum – by manipulating the hands we actually use proportionally most of our brain, which significantly exceeds the amount of information it can actively operate to produce a verbal answer to a question . We know much more than we think we know, but the physiology of our brain prevents us from always being aware of all the knowledge we have. That is why LEGO® Serious Play® through the construction of 3D models gives us the opportunity to think with our hands, and show (read: produce, build) knowledge that we did not even know we had, or to verbalize content that we could not, due to limited working memory.

The charms of the LEGO® Serious Play® methodology lie not only in enabling the verbalization of implicit knowledge and easier communication of ideas, but also in the process of play, imagination and storytelling that characterizes it. Namely, when we make a model from LEGO® bricks that represents a metaphorical answer to a question, we need to present that model to other team members. We then communicate our opinions, attitudes, and values ​​in a safe way and in a safe environment, because we never talk about the person but always talk only about the model that the person has made and the meaning that that model carries. This feature of the LSP methodology is very important, precisely because the only imperative that the facilitator sets at the beginning of the workshop is that everyone participates, everyone builds models and everyone has the opportunity to present their models to others.

Only when we have ensured that all team members can express their opinion in a safe and secure environment, we can expect to reach an agreement and find a solution with which each individual member will be able to identify, and thus commit to it. So, play LEGO® Serious® Play® and get to 100% joint troubleshooting!

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