A dynamic business environment requires continuity of monitoring various market trends, but also trends from the aspect of the micro environment. Due to the growing complexity of the HR sector, staff shortages, depopulation and the growing importance of HR for business, a comprehensive point of view is desirable, which will further determine the adequate focus on the specifics of each industry, sector and individual. In such conditions, it is the mission of the Assert team that in the most meaningful way creates an adequate compromise between the expectations of employees, the needs of employers, but also the market in general.

Bearing in mind that Assert pays special attention to the development of legal entities, individuals and society as a whole, the Assert team provides its expertise to inspire the review of existing ways of working, but also to provide support in creating a portfolio of creative ideas.

Taking the above into account, we have created an insight segment with two sections that have development and innovation as their coordinates: Assert Know-How and Expert Industry Scanning.

Assert Know-How section aims to share the knowledge of Assert experts, but also to introduce existing and future partners to the activities and expertise of the Assert team. In research, evaluation and development, the Assert team has a “bird’s eye view” that enables optimal human capital management.

Expert Industry Scanning includes analyzes by industry, with aspects of trends in the HR sector, in order to acquaint stakeholders with the specifics of the most dominant industries in Serbia. In this way, integrated analyzes are provided that can be used by employers, employees, but also the entire business community to make a decision.