When you want to acquire precise and objective information about talent, Harrison Assessments gives you that opportunity – only one questionnaire that gives you the key information necessary for talent acquisition, employee retention, talent and leader development or career counseling.

Harrison Assessments offers the SmartQuestionnaire® predictive analytics tool that gives a complete overview of the candidate or an already hired person. This preference ranking questionnaire measures a wide range of key aspects that would otherwise be necessary to assess within several hours by different methods. SmartQuestionnaire® is really “smart” and in less than 25 minutes measures 175 factors that influence success in business and career.



Key features of HA Assessments:

  • HA is an award-winning instrument. It is based on 30 years of experience and its quality is demonstrated in more than 2 500 000 delivered assessments
  • Proven predictive and validated instrument
  • Based on unique theories of behavior – Enjoyment Theory and Paradox Theory
  • Improves assessment efficiency using only one questionnaire that enables a wide application at the individual and organizational level
  • The set of competencies within the Job Success Formula is adjustable and can be customized to your needs


Key benefits of using the Harrison Assessment:
  • Improves business results by reducing the costs of recruitment and people turnover
  • Directs overall organizational strategy and planning by precise identification and development of people with high potential
  • Increases productivity, job satisfaction as well as retention through better employee–job fit
  • Provides efficient coaching, development, and achievement action planning by identifying factors that are correlated with the specific job
  • Boosts team productivity by improving team dynamics and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a team



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