Whether you are just starting your career, or thinking about a career change, career choice is one of the most important decisions in your life. Definitely, it will have a significant impact on your happiness and achievement. Harrison Assessments provides targeted career orientation and counselling through the overview of the most suitable career choices aligned with the interests and preferences of the individual.

 With Harrison Assessments we can:

  • Match personal characteristics of an individual with more than 6500 occupations and positions covered by Harrison predictive system.
  • Indicate satisfaction with the proposed occupations.
  • Ensure the right decision-making in career orientation, when thinking about promotion or career change.
  • Career counselling session based on the Harrison Assessments provides an opportunity to explore the possibilities and create clear career goals.

Career path that is carefully planned, guided by HA predictive analytics, leads to the realization of one’s potential, greater satisfaction in life and work, but also to maximum contribution to the organization.