Develop teamwork and cooperation in your organization, build trust and foster collaborative relationships with our Teamwork and Cooperation program. 

The importance of teamwork is essential in today’s multidisciplinary world. Work is often organized through a team structure, and its products and quality are directly correlated with team effectiveness. Enable the smooth functioning of your team by using the knowledge and activating individual potential and resources of each team member. Remember, the team is made up of people, and each individual has their own value – a base of knowledge and information, as well as talents that they can contribute with.

Get to know your people and encourage them to get to know each other.

Team Booster

Program objective: Building and developing team potential through self-awareness, awareness of others and team as a whole. Gaining insight into the motivational drivers of the individual and the entire team, as well as identifying the potential of each individual to contribute to team productivity and efficiency. Through the acquired insights and knowledge, as well as through the social networking that takes place in the process, members will harmonize and clarify the principles that will guide their teamwork and behavior in the future.
Duration: 2 days
Group size: 6-12 participants
Methodology: Lego® Serious Play®