Support and develop great leadership.

It is important that you have effective leaders in the workplace to empower and influence your people to achieve business and team goals. The good news is that leaders can be developed through effective leadership training.


We offer you a set of leadership training solutions to choose from in order to address your different needs:

First Time Leader

Program objective: To acquire knowledge of the necessary leadership skills and competencies while understanding the role of the leader. Developing self-awareness, acquiring and practicing leadership competencies through activity training (role play, interactive discussions, exercises, etc.).
Duration: 8h
Group size: up to 16 participants
Methodology: Experiential learning


Be a Better Leader

Program objective: Developing leadership competency through the creation of an effective leadership model, encouraging the implementation of necessary competencies and productive behaviors in a safe environment (simulations). Discovering full leadership potential by greater clarity through self-knowledge of your own ideas and models of leadership. Developing a set of leadership principles that will shape the successful leadership behavior in the future.
Duration: 8.5h
Group size: up to 12 participants
Methodology: Lego® Serious Play®



Program objective: Develop key competencies for leadership and team management. Build leadership skills and lead high performance teams. Learn and practice techniques to increase team effectiveness, efficiency and performance. Improve your communication skills and improve your ability to delegate, provide feedback, develop and evaluate performance. Tips for motivating, rewarding and resolving team conflicts.
Duration: 7h
Group size: per attendee
Methodology: Gamelearn