Effective communication is a building block of successful organizations. It helps in building teams, boosting employee morale, increasing customer satisfaction and it also improves productivity.  

It is the responsibility of everyone within the organization to communicate effectively, but not everyone has sufficiently developed skills to do so, and that is where our expertise can help you! We have developed a set of training solutions to meet the different needs of your organization.


Choose one or more solutions from our Communication and Negotiation Program:

Communication Booster – Client Focused

Program objective: Development of communication competence through development of greater clarity of the communication process through understanding and reaching awareness of your own actions and the consequences, as well as through understanding customer perspective and all relevant factors that affect this relationship. Change is driven by building, playing, simulating that result in new insights, better understanding, a broader perspective, and overall improvement in communication approach and style with clients.
Duration: 9h
Group size: 6-12 participants
Methodology: Lego® Serious Play®


Communication Booster – Let’s Get Familiarized

Program objective: Develop effective communication and improve client-related communication skills through knowledge of the relevant factors in this process, as well as through exercises that result in insight into the approach which is more efficient and enjoyable. Understanding the concept of emotional intelligence, stimulating and developing competence in this domain in order to use this knowledge in approaching and working with people.
Duration: 8h
Group size: up to 20 participants
Methodology: Experiential learning



Program objective: Develop key competencies for negotiation and conflict resolution. Build confidence and develop negotiation skills through 6 real-life negotiation cases. Understand the importance of knowing the other party’s interests. Develop negotiating power and establishing lasting and successful partnerships. Understand key aspects for the preparation and presentation of proposals.Use acquired tools to increase personal profit.
Duration: 8h
Group size: per attendee
Methodology: Gamelearn