Did you know that emotional intelligence determines employee performance and satisfaction more than the classic IQ?

We partnered with Genos International to provide a tool for enhancing your business by identifying and developing emotional intelligence in order to increase the commitment and success of your employees. Find out why Genos is a unique instrument, with proven ability to evaluate all aspects of emotional intelligence.

Genos model

EI includes a set of skills that positively contribute to a better perception, understanding, and management of both your own and other people’s emotions.

Genos assessment thoroughly measures 6 aspects of emotional intelligence designed specifically for application in an organizational context. It has a unique way of evaluating through the observed and demonstrated behaviour of the assessed individual.



Key features of Genos assessment:

  • Descriptive and easy-to-understand reports for managers
  • A unique approach of measuring demonstrated workplace behaviours allows comparison of employee self-assessment and peer assessment – 180° or 360° feedback
  • Benchmark score is based on the global population of managers, specialists and sales representatives
  • Descriptive feedback from colleagues – option for raters to provide qualitative comments
  • The traffic light methodology highlights areas of potential strength and development
  • Device-agnostic access, cloud platform