Crypto is a dynamic serious game about cybersecurity, set in a biotechnology research company in London. Students become Alex Lee, a security analyst and private detective whose mission is to infiltrate the company and detect its security holes. To achieve this, Alex must interact with the peculiar and diverse staff working in the company. In doing so, she will discover common mistakes often made in relation to IT security, which is then used by cybercriminals to access and steal valuable confidential information. Crypto is a fun graphic adventure that mixes puzzles, point & click exploratory elements, and an exciting narrative adventure. Students must find, analyse, and exploit corporate cybersecurity holes throughout the five levels of the videogame eventually leading to the most unexpected of endings.

  • Identify the common actions that could impair the security of your computer data.
  • Learn techniques and tricks to protect your devices and social networks.
  • Detect and prevent email and communication network attacks.