In this serious game, students play as Yulia, a renown aerospace project manager hired by NASA to lead the “ARM Project” to repair one of the International Space Station’s robotic arms, damaged in a recent accident.

The game is divided into four different sprints, or workweeks, in which players will put their skills and knowledge as remote project managers to the test, assigning tasks and addressing the needs of individual team members. Will the team have everything ready in time for spaceship GL-2020 to dock into the ISS? The answer hinges on the skills and abilities of their manager.

  • Learn how to set your team up for success while working from home.
  • Gain the tools you need to more effectively manage your team’s tasks.
  • Improve team communication by using the appropriate channels and approaches.

Learn how to lead remotely: resolve conflicts, increase motivation, build a sense of belonging amongst your team, and more.