The goal of our talent selection assessment is to provide key information for making the right hiring decisions and avoiding mistakes when selecting and onboarding new people to an existing team.

During the selection process, in consultation with you, we carry out the following steps:

  • We identify the ideal candidate profile (for graduate, blue-collar, professional or manager-level positions)
  • We choose the most relevant assessment methodology and tools based on the specifics of the selection process (personality tests, aptitude tests, knowledge and skills tests, competency-based interviews or comprehensive assessment center)
  • We assess the fit of a particular candidate in a defined competency profile
  • We identify factors that can positively affect his success as well as factors that can hinder success in a given position
  • We report to you the results of the assessment at the individual level or compare a group of candidates.
  • Conducting an assessment as part of the selection process enables you to make objective decisions based on specific and accurate data.

Choosing the right candidate enables productivity and profitability within a given position and saves time and money by reducing turnover and repeating the hiring process.