Talent management program: Identify the strengths and potential for the development of your people.

A systematic approach to talent development in an organization is a sure path to the strategic and long-term development of the organization itself.

What is needed to put the assessment process as the necessary foundation for the development of individuals, teams and organizations?

To clearly identify the specific needs and information we want to obtain through the assessment. To choose the first methodological solution in accordance with the set goals (competency-based interview, personality tests, aptitude tests, comprehensive assessment center, 360-degree assessment…)

To adequately prepare and introduce people to the selection process. To maximize the insights obtained from the assessment process, all in order to define the exact space for development as precisely as possible. To identify individuals and talents with high potential who need to be included in development programs. To do a detailed evaluation of the whole process and improve each subsequent evaluation process.

Assert Assessment consultants can support you in every part of the assessment process in the function of the development of people and the organization. Use professional appraisal to objectively identify employee development needs, optimize the creation of development plans and budgets at the company level, or enable the right decisions regarding promotion or reorganization.