Each company represents a complex mechanism with a unique set of values, processes and culture. General principles and evaluation criteria can be the starting point, but for top results it is necessary to adjust the entire process so as to enable the identification of just such people and competencies that will be an ideal combination with the company.

A tailor-made assessment involves the following steps:

  • Identifying the specific needs and information we want to obtain through the assessment.
  • Selection of the most relevant assessment methodology and tools in accordance with needs and objectives.
  • Informing all participants about the details of the assessment process and conducting the assessment in accordance with the goal set using a tailor-made assessment of competencies, personality traits, cognitive abilities, interests, values ​​or a fully customized 360-degree assessment.
  • Analysis of results with the possibility of using performance criteria that are specific to the company, through the creation of an ideal profile based on the results of top performers from the company.
  • Reporting on the results of the assessment and providing guidance in accordance with the objective.

In order to have a clear insight into how well a candidate fits into a particular organization, we must not neglect the specificity of each company as a unique system. The way of doing business, organizational culture, company size, way of communication, organizational structure, and relationships with stakeholders are just some of the factors that influence an identical candidate to reach full potential in one organization and not meet the expectations of the position in another.

Therefore, our customized assessment provides added value in the candidate selection process.