Among our array of specialized assessments, we particularly highlight:

1. Assessment of sales skills

In our range of assessment tools, we have a questionnaire that assesses a person’s potential to work in consulting sales, predicts a person’s success in sales activities and identifies sales skills that need to be further developed.

The questionnaire is available in Bulgarian and the results are evaluated based on the norms obtained on the Bulgarian sample of respondents, which means that the assessment questionnaire is fully adapted to Bulgarian culture.

Assessment is intended for anyone who wants to assess the sales skills of candidates and employees reliably and accurately, whether doing screening and selection of new people or wanting to improve the skills of the existing sales team members and improve its performance.

2. Welfare assessment (Wellbeing)

We provide an assessment of the current level of a person’s well-being within a work environment, which is also one of the key factors for predicting job performance.

Based on the latest theories in the field of organizational psychology, this assessment can be used to assess the general well-being of people and the information it provides enables the creation of action plans to increase job engagement and satisfaction.

3. Organizational culture scanning

Through a fully customized assessment, we identify the values ​​and organizational culture in your company. We can also use this information later to assess the fit of new people to your existing organization.