Through the years of experience, we have learned that the companies we support greatly value the possibility to adapt their assessment solutions to their needs and specific characteristics of their business. Therefore, in our catalog of solutions you can find Great People Inside, an interactive and cloud-based platform that stands out with a wide range of tests and tailor-made approach.

Great People Inside offers 16 ready-made assessments and 129 dimensions that can be combined:

  • abilities (reasoning, numerical and verbal abilities)
  • personality traits (based on a Big Five model)
  • interests (based on Holland’s model)
  • values, job satisfaction, engagement, well-being and team dynamic
  • fits to the specific positions (customer care, sales, blue-collar etc.)
  • 360-degree feedback

Great People Inside Assessment is recommended for:

  • selection of candidates
  • identification and development of talent within the company
  • team development
  • improving the engagement and the job satisfaction

Key features of GPI assessment:

  • Great possibilities of customization and tailor-made solutions
  • The companies can create their own assessment by selecting the dimensions and making their own combination from the GPI wide range (off the shelf) or choose a full customization process (the process of developing an entirely new assessment that measures exactly those factors that are key to your company success)
  • Automatic benchmarking by sending a questionnaire to the top performers in the company – enables fast comparison of new candidates to the ideal profile

Benefits of using GPI:

  • For a short time (15 – 45 min) GPI provides comprehensive data on the measured factors
  • The price is determined based on the number of selected dimensions – this is a significant cost reduction for a client because irrelevant competencies are not assessed and not taken into account for final payment
  • Four reports at one price – candidate report, manager report, interview guide and summary report