Leader assessment provides insight into whether your current team of leaders has the competencies needed to fulfill your organizational–strategic plan as well as an overview of the development needs of people in senior positions.

Assessing a leader for development purposes consists of the following steps:

  • We identify your specific needs and the information you want to get from the assessment
  • We suggest choosing the most relevant assessment methodology and tools according to your needs and goals (competency-based interview, personality tests, emotional intelligence assessment, comprehensive assessment centers or 360-degree assessment)
  • Inform participants about the details of the process and conduct an assessment in accordance with its purpose
  • We analyze the results obtained and identify the strengths and developmental needs of people in leadership positions, including potential triggers in behavior that may negatively affect the managerial success of the individual as well as predicting the behavior of managers in unclear and stressful situations
  • We report to you the results, with guidelines for creating and adapting development plans and programs for leaders. By identifying and developing high potential, organizations retain talent and expand their business knowledge.

By measuring leadership competencies in employees, you get accurate information that you can use to develop key leadership competencies in your most important people as well as when planning promotions and successions.