The right career orientation is one of the business decisions that dramatically affects the quality of life of each individual, his well-being and ability to realize his full human potential.

It is in the interest of every organization to recruit people who see it as their preferred professional choice.

Whether it’s time to advance, change your career or start it the right way, Assert Assessment consultants can help you by working together:

  • Identify your specific needs and the information you want to assess.
  • Choose the most relevant methodologies and assessment tools according to your needs and goals (personality tests, preferences and interests)
  • Conduct an assessment in accordance with the purpose of the assessment.
  • Analyze the obtained results and identify personal characteristics, preferences and interests, and compare them with over 6500 occupations and positions covered by our career guidance system.
  • Based on the results, predict the satisfaction and satisfaction of the individual in relation to certain occupations and create career goals and plans.
  • Carefully planned career path, guided by predictive analytics provided by our methodologies, leads to the realization of personal potential, greater satisfaction in life and work, as well as the maximum contribution of the individual to the organization.