Our goal is to provide our clients with the most reliable insights about their people’s personal traits and potentials using the highest quality and most comprehensive assessment services in an organizational context. Guided by this mission, we created a portfolio of assessment methods and tools that represent the best solutions whether you need professional selection or want to identify and develop talent within your company.

We believe that having the right individuals in their right places creates an unbeatable synergy!

Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that each person thrives best when placed in roles that resonate with their skills and qualifications. This not only fosters individual happiness and success but also brings immense value to the employer.

Every organization is unique. Recognizing this, our assessments are meticulously crafted to align with the unique needs and specifics of your business culture and aims.

We employ assessment instruments that are backed by rigorous scientific validation and reliability. Their credibility is further evidenced by their adoption by leading global companies. This assures us and in turn you, of the accuracy and trustworthiness of our results.

Our certified psychologists carefully execute every assessment method we offer. This ensures that the reports you receive post-assessment are not only professional and reliable but also precise and insightful.

With top-tier assessments and our unparalleled expertise, we set the stage for heightened productivity, increased employee satisfaction, enhanced retention, and ultimately, superior business outcomes for your organization.

Do you need professional selection or do you want to identify and develop talents within your company?

Our goal is to provide clients with the most reliable insight into the characteristics and potentials of candidates and employees, with the highest level of quality and comprehensive service assessed in the organizational context. Guided by this mission, we have created a carefully designed portfolio of assessment methods and tools.

Cooperation with us takes place in several important steps:

  • We get to know your needs through a detailed analysis
  • We identify a profile of key competencies that lead to success in a given position
  • We conduct the assessment through a comprehensive range of assessment tools and methods, precisely selected according to the purpose and specifics of the assessment
  • We analyze the evaluation results
  • We report to you and provide you with guidelines and a data-based action plan.
All instruments and assessments are aligned with EU GDPR

Talent Management Program

Identifying the strengths and space for the development of your people.

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Talent Selection

The goal of our talent selection assessment is to provide key information for making the right hiring decisions and avoiding mistakes when selecting new people for your team.

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Assessment of Commitment and Motivation Factors

It’s hard to get the right talents and it’s even harder to keep them willing to perform at their best. That is why we have adopted assessment solutions that aim to identify the factors that contribute to the commitment and retention of people within the organization.

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Creating the Ideal Job Profile

Not sure what skills a person needs to be successful in a certain position? An assessment is available for you that aims to define the desired competency profile for a given role in your organization.

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Career Orientation and Counseling

The right career orientation is one of the business decisions that dramatically affects the quality of life of each individual, his well-being and ability to realize his full human potential. It is in the interest of every organization to recruit people who see it as their preferred professional choice.

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Development Assessment of Leaders and Managers

Leader assessment provides insight into whether your current team of leaders has the competencies needed to fulfill your organizational – strategic plan as well as an overview of the development needs of people in senior positions.

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Tailor-made Assessment and Benchmark Based on Top-performers

Each company represents a complex mechanism with a unique set of values, processes and culture. Understanding in detail why our top performers are such, is the key to recruiting more individuals like them.


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Specialized Assessment

Assessment of sales skills, Wellbeing assessment, Organizational culture scan, and other tailor-made solutions.

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Our Main Assessment Methodologies

Harrison Assessments

When you want to acquire precise and objective information about talent, Harrison Assessments gives you that opportunity – only one questionnaire that gives you the key information necessary for talent acquisition, employee retention, talent and leader development or career counselling.

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Great People Inside

Through the years of experience, we have learned that our customers is of great importance to greatly value the possibility to adapt their assessment solutions to their needs and specific characteristics of their business.

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